The comeback of Sherry is happening now: using the theme Rooted in Life and various activating activities plus a video, Alterego is positioning Sherry as a quality culinary experience for #sherrylovers everywhere. Watch the full video

Brand design with a heart

Brand design

Alterego designs brands as people – with an inner identity, a specific way of doing things, and a face to show the world. With passion, form, color, structure, style, and words. This is how we give existing brands an unexpected boost and bring new brands tangibly to life, with brand identities that touch people. Read more


Want to know more about how Alterego shapes brands and brings them to life? Take a look at our brand design for Don Tomas, the new brand identity of Dilly, or the new house style for River Onions.

Package design

Effective packaging design

Packaging is a brand's most elementary tool of self-expression. That's why we believe a rock-solid packaging design is an essential part of our brand-building business. With the competition for shelf space is getting tougher than ever, a product's packaging needs to be able to tell a story in a glance. A story that time after time leads to a purchasing decision. Read more


Want to know more about how Alterego creates effective packaging? Check out our packaging line for Mini Corn Snacks, the new Kiekeboe packaging, or the appealing new packaging design for Mama Nature.

Brand activation

Creative brand concepts

Alterego brings brands to life by showing consumers how they are relevant to their lives. Sometimes by offering a fresh new experience; other times by offering a practical solution at just the right moment. We translate brand values into physical form for unique brand experiences. Read more


Want to know more about how Alterego can creatively bring your brand to life? Take a look at our brand activation for Inproba, the branded Sherry Wines and Rosé d'Anjou experiences, or our mouth-watering brand concept for Nature's Pride.



Alterego is a creative full-service marketing bureau in THE HAGUE with roots in wine and gastronomy, specialized in PACKAGING DESIGN and BRAND ACTIVATION. We work with our clients to create stand-out communication for products, services and BRANDS – in both shape and story. From there, we use every method possible to bring these products, services, and brands to life. On the shelf, on the street, and online. Creatively, effectively, across media. READ MORE

“A good brand is


Ego bites

Alterego’s activities in bite-sized chunks

“Design is the

silent ambassador

of your brand”

- Paul Rand -

“Branding is how you

tell your story. Brand

activation is compelling

people to take part”

- Dustin W. Stout -


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